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Try Zignature Dog Food For All Breeds and Life Stages

Try Zignature Dog Food For All Breeds and Life Stages

Zignature dog food prides itself on producing recipes that reflect the ancestral diet, meaning meat first and limited ingredient recipe. While the...

Zignature dog food prides itself on producing recipes that reflect the ancestral diet, meaning meat first and limited ingredient recipe. While the meat supplies your dog with much-needed animal protein, the limited ingredients eliminate potential allergens for dogs, such as chicken, dairy, and beef. Therefore, it is especially suited to dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. 

Limited ingredient formulas are often better to use for dogs who have allergy to dog food of certain types. It can be easier to detect which foods are causing a problem instead of a dog food formula that includes chicken, beef, grains, eggs, and cheese. It would be difficult to determine which ingredient is causing the allergic reaction. Proteins in Zignature's formulas also provide high-quality secondary proteins in the form of a meat meal made from the same species as one of the primary proteins.

Ziggy inspired Zignature Kangaroo dog food. Ziggy was a boxer and suffered from pet food allergies and intolerances. Luckily, his owner and best friend, Daniel Hereford, just happened to be the President of Global Foods. Hereford was determined to find or create a food that would meet all of Ziggy's dietary restrictions yet still provide a balanced diet.

Knowing that Ziggy was one of many dogs who suffered from food-related issues, Hereford decided to create a line of dog foods geared explicitly towards dogs with severe food allergies and intolerances. So, in 2012 Zignature was introduced to the dog food market. 

Ingredients In Zignature Dog Food 

Zignature states clearly where all of the dog food ingredients originate. Below is a list showing where some of their main ingredients are from:

Trout, Salmon, and Whitefish from the Pacific Northwest Region

Catfish from the Southwestern region of the U.S.

Turkey and Pork from the Midwest area in the US

Lamb and Venison from New Zealand

Duck and Guinea Fowl from Western France

Kangaroo and Goat from Australia

Vegetables and Fruits from North America (season dependent)

Minerals and Vitamins from North America and France

Zignature dog food is a grain and potato-free food. Instead, they rely on peas, chickpeas, and lentils to provide the food's carbohydrate content.  omega-3 fatty acids Each Zignature recipe includes one or more ingredients rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as sunflower oil, salmon, salmon meal, or flaxseed.

Omega-3 fatty acids help to fight inflammation and promote proper skin, coat, and joint health, among other things.

Though it is critical to know what is in the food, it is also vital to understand what is not in the recipe. Below are some of the ingredients that have been left out:

Artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives


Grains like Wheat, Corn, or Rice



Chicken or Chicken by-products

Chicken Eggs

Zignature dog food limited ingredient formulas help protect your dog from canine allergens.


Zignature dog food is made in the U.S.A. 


Multiple Sources of Proteins of Signature Dog Food 

Zignature Food for Dogs-There is thirteen main formulas. Each main recipe includes dry dog food, canned pet food, and the Ziggy Bars (dog treats) associated with it. Signature dog food dry food formulas and canned dog food for limited ingredients diets source of protein options are as follows:




Trout and Salmon Meal







Guinea Fowl


Zssential – Combination of proteins Turkey, Duck, Lamb, and Salmon

Additionally, Zignature makes five of their formulas in small bites for small breeds:




Trout and Salmon Meal

Zignature® recipes are formulated to meet all the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles." 

AAFCO recommends making sure the companies use food scientists, vets, or certified nutritionists to formulate their foods.

Our Opinion at Zip Dog-Zignature Dog Food Review 

Our goal at Zip Dog is to EXTEND OUR DOGS LIFE. We think it is imperative to consider what kind of dog food our precious pal is eating. While no dog food is perfect yet, we hope to one day to be at the forefront of bringing products to market to support life extension for our dogs and other pets. That is why we try to focus on only a few products that we think will help our pets live healthier and happier lives.

Zignature is one of the healthiest dog food products because they source and produce Healthy, hypoallergenic, high-quality grain-free high protein dog food. They have done their research to ensure the food meets if not exceeds AAFCO nutritional guidelines. They also have Nutritionists, and food scientists formulate Zignature dog food and have created premium dog food.