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The most expensive dog in the world

The most expensive dog in the world

Today we will tell you about some of the most expensive dog breeds. Have you ever wondered which dogs are the most expensive on the planet? The following is a list of some of the world's most expensive dogs and more. Popular purebred dogs evolve throughout time. And, although certain breeds grow less costly as more breeders enter the market, others become more expensive as supply simply cannot keep up with demand. Interestingly, some of the world's most expensive canines in recent years are not even purebred. They are dogs of mixed breeds. They are no longer referred to as mutts; they are referred to as " designer dogs ". And many of them come at a premium price. It all began simply enough with the goal of developing a hypoallergenic seeing eye dog pup. It appears as if calling it a "Labradoodle" sparked a debate.


Samoyed – $14,000       

The Samoyed, a Siberian breed, is the world's most costly dog. Along with its smiling looks, the uncommon breed is noted for its gentle, caring, and eager to please demeanor. The world's most expensive dog has a strong instinct to escape and explore for miles on end, therefore keep them on a leash at all times. Additionally, they are intelligent, sociable, and mischievous dogs who constantly seek attention, making them ideal for families with children. While the dogs are uncommon, they incur vet expenses like no other breed. They are predisposed to costly health problems such as corneal dystrophy, autoimmune diseases, and heart abnormalities, which can cost upwards of $5,000.

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Löwchen – $12,000

Also referred to as the "small lion dog," the Löwchen has been a popular breed in Europe for almost 500 years, having originated in France. It was formerly the world's rarest dog, with just 65 remaining in 1973; today, only 300 dogs are registered each year globally. Additionally, the Löwchen is one of the most extroverted dogs on the planet; they are extremely energetic and lively, making them ideal for families with children. With that stated, they require constant human care; they are unhappy when left alone for extended periods of time. While it is not the costliest dog in the world, these little dogs are remarkably healthy, which means you will not go into debt paying for their medical expenses. The issue is the puppy's initial cost. Additionally, you get a lot of bang for your buck; Löwchen live between 13 and 15 years.


Chow Chow – $11,000

The Chow Chow originated in northern China and is one of the world's oldest dog breeds. While the dog is expensive to purchase, the expenditures associated with owning a Chow Chow do not end there. You'll accrue expenses for food, treats, veterinary care, grooming, and health concerns, which may total around $11,000 over the course of their lives.They require moderate daily activity, such as four or more walks. Additionally, the breed is notoriously obstinate, which might impair train ability and ultimately sabotage your bond with your pup Chow Chows' primary health concerns include entropic of the eyelids, hip and elbow dysplasia, allergies, and thyroid function. The life expectancy is 8-12 years, however with good care, this can be improved.


Tibetan Mastiff – $10,000

This colossal dog originated in Tibet, where it protected sheep from predators such as wolves, leopards, and bears. Mastiffs may weigh more than 150 pounds (ca. 68 kg) in adult males and are capable of defending themselves against some of the most vicious creatures. While they were first utilized as guards and protectors, their upkeep became prohibitively expensive for their owners, and they gradually vanished. The breed is extremely vigilant and will defend your family in an instant. Although Tibetan Mastiffs are generally healthy, they are predisposed to genetic problems like as hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and eye abnormalities. You are welcome to get them evaluated frequently.


Azawakh dog – $9,500

The Azawakh, being one of the newest breeds in 2019, is also one of the most costly. They originated in West Africa and were mostly employed as hunting dogs. They are unique from Middle Eastern and South Indian hounds.The breed is uncommon in North America but is gaining popularity following its AKC recognition in early 2019. Due to their hunting nature, Azawakhs recover rapidly from injuries and have minimal genetic diseases; they only suffer from epilepsy and Wobbler disease. Azawakh has an average lifetime of 12-15 years when fed high-quality dog food and exercised frequently. They exercise exclusively in the company of their owner, which means they'll keep you in shape as well!


Rottweiler – $9,000

This one may surprise some people, as Rottweilers are a more prevalent breed than the rest of the puppies on this list. While they are not prohibitively costly to purchase, often around $1,500 initially, they quickly rack up vet expenses owing to health concerns. The breed is very vulnerable to nearly every disease or ailment known to dogs, particularly hip and joint problems, which is why they have the highest rate of pet insurance claims of any breed. Rottweiler owners may anticipate paying more than $300 per year for dog insurance and considerably more in the event of a claim. Additionally, their lifespan is much shorter than that of other dogs, at only 8-10 years. They are, nevertheless, regarded as an excellent family pet due to their loyalty and obedience to their owners.


Canadian Eskimo Dog – $8,750

The Canadian Eskimo dog is one of the world's rarest breeds, with fewer than 300 dogs remaining in 2018. They were introduced to North America from Siberia about 1,000 years ago and have been declining in recent years, particularly since the 1960s.Their numbers declined mostly as a result of the development of the snowmobile and the 1950-1970 dog shootings by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Up to 20,000 Canadian Eskimo Dogs were purposely killed by the Canadian Police to disturb the dog's way of life, and the breed has never recovered. Additionally, the breed is prone to stomach torsion, entropion, a condition in which the eyelid folds over itself, heat sensitivity, and rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, Canadian Eskimo Dogs are reported to be quite territorial and frequently overreact to little disruptions, which makes them unsuitable for households with children.


Dogo Argentino – $8,000

Originally designed for large game hunting, the Dogo Argentino is one of the most expensive dogs in the world due to its muscular size. Their strong physique enables the doggo to hunt wild pigs mostly in South America and Asia. The Dogo Argentino's primary ancestors are the extinct Córdoba Fighting Dog and the Great Dane, both of which were produced around 1928. Due of their main physical characteristics, ownership is prohibited in the United Kingdom, Colorado, and New York City. Their lifespan is 12-14 years, however they are prone to hip dysplasia and deafness, which can result in vet expenses of up to $1,600. However, without daily exercise, health problems and vet bills can escalate.


Pharaoh Hound – $7,500

Pharaoh Hounds, which translates as "rabbit dog" in Maltese, is mostly employed for rabbit hunting in the Maltese Islands. As Malta's national dog, the Pharaoh Hound attracts a great deal of attention due to its striking look and demeanor. These dogs are very clever and athletic, weighing between 45 and 55 pounds. Although the breed has an average lifespan of 11-14 years, it is very susceptible to stress. Stress can result in serious digestive and mental problems that can cost upwards of $1,500 to treat. The good aspect of their genetic composition is that they are faithful hounds capable of being well-trained for families and bigger groups.


Afghan Hound – $7,000

Afghan Hounds originated in Afghanistan's highlands and are often considered one of the most attractive canines due to their flowing hair and curled tails. They even require regular hair combing due to their long silky coats' proclivity for tangling. Hounds have an average lifespan of 10-14 years, and their health issues may incur additional costs. They are predisposed to cataracts and hypothyroidism, which can cost up to $3,000 in treatment, further increasing the expense of this pup.


Czechoslovakian Wolfdog $7,000

The Czechoslovak Wolfdog (Czech: Československý vlčák,) is a dog breed that originated as a result of a 1955 experiment in Czechoslovakia. Following an initial mating of working line German Shepherds with Carpathian grey wolves, a strategy was devised to develop a breed with the temperament, pack mentality, and trainability of the German Shepherd and the power, physical build, and stamina of the Carpathian wolf. Originally employed as border patrol dogs, the breed was later utilized in Europe and the United States for search and rescue, Schutzhund sport, tracking, herding, agility, obedience, hunting, and drafting. In 1982, Czechoslovakia recognized it as a national breed, and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognized it as a breed in 1989.

2021 -The Most Expensive Dogs

Our pets are some of the most cherished possessions we have. We adore them and lavish them with affection and affection. However, how much are you willing to spend for your puppy? We go above and above for our pets and spend a lot of money each day. While some breeders' costs may be more than those at animal shelters, regardless of where your lovely baby comes from, we adore them.

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Regardless of origin, Americans spend an average of $1,675 a year on their dog, with purebred dog breed costing five times as much as mutts or mixed breeds. This may sound excessive, but there are many more expensive dogs.

More Expensive Dog Breeds


Shiba Inu $2,000

The dog is energetic and proud, with a good nature and a sense of artlessness. The Shiba is capable of fast movement due to its agile, springy steps.

Shibas are a relatively fussy breed that feels the urge to keep itself tidy. They frequently lick their paws and legs, much like cats do. The so-called "shiba scream" is a distinctive feature of the breed. When the dog is sufficiently agitated or upset, he will let out a loud, high-pitched scream. The Shiba Inu may make a very similar sound during times of extreme delight, such as when the owner returns home after a long day at work.


Lakeland Terrier $3,000

The dogs are sociable, courageous, and self-assured. Shyness, like aggression, is very uncommon. Highly bright and self-sufficient, Lakelands are quick to learn and easy to teach, however they frequently display "selective deafness" when their curiosity level is piqued. The Lakeland is an excellent candidate for crate training. As is the case with most terriers, the Lakeland is an energetic breed; regular exercise and playtime are required to prevent this lively dog from seeking alternative outlets for their energy, which would be unpleasant for the owner.


A Staffordshire bull terrier $2,500

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a medium-sized short-haired terrier breed from the United Kingdom. It originated in the English Midlands' Black Country. It is a direct descendent of the bull and terrier mix between the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier.


Golden retrievers costs between $2,000 and $3,000

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized gun dog that was designed specifically to recover shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties. The term "retriever" alludes to the breed's ability, owing to their soft lips, to retrieve shot game unharmed.


Black Russian Terrier is between $3,000 and $5,000

The Black Russian Terrier (Russian: усски pн терер), a breed of dog developed in the Soviet Union in the late 1940s and early 1950s for use as military/working dogs. The modern Black Russian Terrier is a versatile breed that excels as a working dog, protection dog, sporting dog, and companion dog.

Despite its name, the Black Russian Terrier is not a real terrier; it is thought that about seventeen breeds, including the Airedale, Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, and Caucasian Shepherd Dog, were utilized in its creation.

Alaskan malamute is around $2,500 to $4,000.

The Alaskan Malamute is a big breed of dog that was initially bred for its strength and endurance as a sled dog. They are closely related to various arctic, husky, and Spitz breeds, including the Greenland Dog, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Siberian Husky, and Samoyed.

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Portuguese Water Dog sells for between $2,000 and $4,500

This old breed was bred for the sole purpose of assisting fishermen and has origins in Portugal that some believe date all the way back to prehistoric times. The oldest documented record of the Portuguese Water Dog goes all the way back to 1297.


Bernese Mountain Dog $1,500

While the price of a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog is not prohibitively expensive, the true cost of ownership quickly adds up. They are projected to require more than $1,300 in medical treatment each year.


A purebred Akita pup can cost as much as $6,500.

Additionally, Akita's are notoriously strong-willed. As a result, you must be a tough and constant leader or else this dog will walk all over you.



French Bulldog $6,000

French Bulldogs are another breed that fetches a high premium because to its rarity.Due to their small hips, French Bulldogs are also famously difficult to breed, producing a maximum of three puppies each litter. A single one of these canines will cost you around $6,000.


British Bulldog $4,300

The English Bulldog , also known as the British Bulldog, is a medium-sized dog that is extremely popular worldwide, as it does not require much exercise, making it the ideal apartment dog. 


Irish WolfHound $3,000

Irish Wolfhound This fairly tall and strange-looking creature. Irish wolfhounds are an ancient breed of sighthound native to Ireland. It was bred to hunt and be a guard dog, and is especially adept in hunting and protecting against wolves. Reaching heights of around 30′′-32′′ and weighing approximately 150lbs.

Now for the most expensive dog of all time!


A golden-haired Tibetan mastiff puppy has allegedly been sold in China for a staggering $2 million, putting it on track to become the world's most expensive dog. The puppy was sold for 12 million yuan ($1.95 million) at a luxury pet expo in the eastern province of Zhejiang. The dog stood 80 centimeters (31 inches) tall and weighed 90 kilograms (about 200 pounds (approximately 91 kg). In 2011, an 11-month-old puppy named "Big Splash" fetched $1.5 million, making it the most expensive dog ever sold. Tibetan mastiffs have become a status symbol for China's expanding affluent classes

Lions Blood ?

According to reports, the breeder who sold the puppy to a property developer stated that the mastiff has "lion's blood" and that a similar dog had sold for 6 million yuan. They are claimed to be lion-bred and are top-of-the-line mastiff studs.

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