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What dog has the strongest bite?

What dog has the strongest bite?

Ask what dog has the strongest bite and you'll likely be told a Pit Bull, or maybe Rottweiler. These are strong dogs with powerful jaws, but they're not what we would consider having the strongest bite

Let's face it, a dog's mouth resembles a Swiss Army Knife of canine equipment. He uses it to pick up his toys, to eat, to pry open the garbage lid, to rip open the treat bag, to slobber, bark, grin, and lick.... However, he may bite with it if he is disturbed, feels personally threatened, or suspects a pack member is in jeopardy, and although some would nip to warn off, others carry a little more punch. PSI (pound-force per square inch) is used to quantify a dog's bite force; for reference, people have a PSI of around 120-140, Grey Wolves have a PSI of approximately 406, and Grizzly bears have a PSI of approximately 1,250. The Crocodile has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom at 3,700 pounds. Chihuahuas are most likely to bite their vets, more so than any other breed. An average dog achieves 150 to 180lbs of pressure per square inch in their bite.

Anatomy of a dogs strongest bite

Here, we will look at what dog breeds have the strongest bite in general and what factors determine which one has the dog strongest bite. The anatomy of a strong jaw is important for what dog has the strongest bite. A large mouth opening allows what dog to have the strongest bite to grab larger prey items or fight with other dogs more easily.Thus, which of our canine companions falls into which category and which has the strongest bite?

 Kangals - biting force is 743 pounds per square inch.

Kangals are guard dogs that originated in Sivas, Turkey. They are the world's toughest dogs and reign supreme in terms of biting strength. These dogs have historically been employed to defend sheep and other flocks against larger predators such as wolves, jackals, and bears. They are renowned for their devotion, protectiveness, and kind nature toward children and other animals. Due to its protective attitude, this breed is not the greatest when it comes to strangers. As a result, taking them for a walk might be a bit challenging at times. As with any breed, it is critical to provide adequate socialization at a young age to acclimate them to meeting new people. Fortunately, this just adds to their incredible abilities whether working with the police or as a house guard.

With their powerful strength and agility, this dog breed can easily take down any medium-sized predator in minutes. They possess tremendous strength, and when it comes to its strong bite force, they possess the maximum pressure per square inch ever measured. Numerous scientific studies indicate that the Kangal has the world's strongest bite force.

Cane Corso Bite Force – 700 PSI

This big and intimidating dog is a descendant of Roman antiquity's enormous canines. Historically, this breed was used as a catch dog in rural regions. Carters, night watchmen, and tax collectors also used them as sentries and attack dogs.

The Cane Corso's greatest distinguishing characteristic is its huge, intimidating head. Additionally, it sports a glossy short coat that ranges in hue from jet black to fawn. The Cane Corso's biting force is appalling at 700 PSI. As a result, this puma-like dog is an unflinching adversary of anyone who poses a threat to his owner.

Although the Cane Corso has a strong bite, if they demonstrate a clear preference, these dogs are obedient and loving toward their family members. They are extremely clever and ready to learn, which makes training them quite simple. However, if you have pocket pets or appear to have many guests at your house, you should be concerned about their high prey drive and overprotectiveness.

Dogue De Bordeaux - Dog Bite PSI-556

Another gentle giant, this young guy is devoted to his human group... but can step up if he believes they are being endangered.Since the 14th century, the Dogue De Bordeaux, also known as the French Mastiff and Bordeaux Mastiff, has existed. The breed's enthusiasts make a point of keeping the line pure in future generations. Historically, these canines were allocated to various roles requiring raw strength. They carry carts, transport heavy items, guard cattle, and keep an eye on the aristocrats' houses. Today, the Dogue De Bordeaux is best recognized as a mellow friend that frequently snores and drools. These dogs are peaceful and quiet within the home. Similarly, they are fairly tolerant to children, in comparison to other mastiffs. As long as you do not want to harm or threaten this dog, he has no incentive to exhibit his 556 PSI biting strength. The Dogue De Bordeaux is a big dog with a gigantic cranium that is said to be the largest in the canine world. As a result, it's unsurprising that its jaw is rather powerful. They can also make for great guard dogs.


English Mastiff - Bite Force – 556 PSI

The English Mastiff is a bigger dog breed. These dogs are often quiet and quite strong when necessary. The Mastiffs' forefathers were the "Molossus," who were renowned as fierce and skilled combat dogs. Today's English Mastiffs are extremely gentle and quiet. Despite their enormous size, this dog is a very kind breed that will watch over your children with care and grace. Additionally, this dog is one of the world's biggest dog breeds and may be a bit of a lethargic mate at times. While they may not require as much play as some of the other breeds on our list, they do require a substantial amount of food on a regular basis.

Their biting force is tremendous, with 556 pounds per square inch being one of the strongest reported among canine breeds. The breed's tremendous biting force enables it to easily break any bone in your body.


Tosa Inu - Bite Force – 556 PSI

The Tosa Inu dog breed is the result of crossbreeding European dogs in order to create the world's most vicious canine gladiator. Between 1924 and 1933, Tosa breeding reached its zenith. Around 5,000 breeders wanted to develop an invincible hybrid in Japan at the time.

It boasts a biting force of 556 pounds per square inch, but unless you're a burglar, you won't have to worry about your arm being lacerated. These dogs, like warriors, are honorable, dignified, and faithful. Tosa Inus are adaptable to a wide variety of activities when properly trained and led.

However, due to its terrible background, the Tosa Inu is sometimes portrayed as a wild, frightening dog. Numerous nations, including Australia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Malaysia, now prohibit ownership of the aforementioned breed.

Dogo Canario - Bite Force – 540 PSI

The Dogo Canario was a war dog at its conception. This magnificent dog is native to the stunning Canary Islands and is the polar opposite of the delicate, fragile canary. The Perro de Presa Canario, commonly referred to as the Dogo Canario, is one of the deadliest canines. Indeed, it has been connected to a number of deadly assaults.The Dogo Canario is a historically significant combat dog that was also employed in dog fighting prior to its prohibition in the 1940s. This bad boy flaunts a hefty, rectangular frame and a monstrous head. With 540 PSI, it may smash its strong mouth shut, resulting in significant damage or possibly death from bleeding. Dogo Canarios are still notorious for their aggression. As a result, it's unsurprising that this breed is prohibited in a number of nations. Regardless, the Dogo Canario is quite popular in its homeland. They have established themselves as an excellent security dog and a delightful family member. Bear in mind that this dog is not suitable for an average family. They require a large yard to run about in, consistent mental stimulation, and, most importantly, an uncompromising Alpha. If your dog believes he is superior Alpha to you, he will gladly accept the role.


African Wild Dog Bite PSI– 317 

Unlike the majority of the other dogs on this list, this breed is classified as a “cape hunting dog."

This indicates that this breed is regarded as the greatest hunter. This dog breed is related to the Sub-Saharan Dog and is one of the larger members of this family. Additionally, they are noted for being hypercarnivorous, which means that at least 70% of their diet consists of meat. Additionally, the IUCA classifies this breed as an endangered species. African Wild Dogs are highly sociable creatures that typically live in groups. They have even been found to develop social hierarchies within the pack for both males and females. By nature, this breed is an excellent hunter. By comparing this animal to wild creatures such as hyenas, you may determine its competitive hunting behavior. This species is extremely agile and is only surpassed in game by larger predators such as the lion.

One of the breed's preferred prey species is the antelope, which they can readily catch because of its widespread distribution throughout the Sahara. Of course, living in the wild and thousands of years of evolution have resulted in their jaw being quite powerful. They have one of the strongest biting forces of any Medium-Sized dog, at 317 psi. This level of biting power is sufficient to fracture any bone in a deer.


Here are a few of the more popular dog breeds you may be curious about.

Chow Chow - Bite Force – 220 PSI

This dog originated in northern China. They were developed to be all-purpose working dogs and, despite their fluffy look, have spent years ensuring the protection of cattle. According to some accounts, this dog may have aided Mongolian forces in combat. This dog is extremely sturdy, with a double coat to protect it from the elements. As adults, these dogs have a propensity to be violent or overprotective, therefore they will require early socialization. Due to their lower activity levels than other breeds, this dog may be an excellent choice for smaller living situations, such as an apartment.

Labrador Retriever - Bite Force – 230 PSI

The Labrador Retriever has been America's favorite dog for three consecutive decades. It's unsurprising, given their vivacious, extroverted, silly, and simply loving personalities. However, Animal Friends reports that the family favorite is also a target of canine assaults, and they all appear to despise delivery personnel.

Labrador retrievers are known for their soft lips. They were initially developed as sporting dogs with the ability to retrieve their master's prey without injuring or marking it. Later on, they were recruited to do a variety of duties because to their intelligence, kind nature, and eagerness to learn.

American Pit Bull Terrier - Bite Force – 235 PSI


American Pit Bull Terriers make excellent family dogs and are excellent with little children, but like to be the only dog in the house. Despite widespread misconceptions about the American Pit Bull being a violent breed, they were initially bred as nanny dogs owing to their mild disposition around children. Pit Bulls are a medium-sized dog that typically weighs between 30 and 90 pounds as adults. They are a robust, muscular, and powerful breed that is popular across the United States of America. Indeed, they are now the strongest dog in their size group. The American Pit Bull was originally developed to defend cattle and keep an eye out for predators. While this breed has received a bad image in recent years, its disposition may be best described as that of an adolescent. These dogs are incredibly kind with individuals they defend and will only become aggressive if their family is in danger. Having said that, this breed will defend those it loves and is a highly devoted companion to anybody willing to accept one into their household. Pit Bulls are an extremely athletic breed of dog that demands regular exercise. If you miss playing time, don't be shocked if you arrive home the next day to find some upturned sofa cushions. They have a broad face and a strong jaw that serves as their primary protection.

German Shepherd - Bite Force – 238 PSI

The German Shepherd is one of the most often encountered household dogs worldwide.

The German Shepherd is the second most popular dog breed in the United States of America. This breed was developed in Germany as a working-class dog. They are extremely clever canines that are frequently utilized in jobs involving rescue missions conducted by the local police force or even the military at times. These dogs are intelligent, easy to teach, and adapt well to new environments. Shepherds are well-known for their gentle temperament and their ability to remain calm around youngsters or in family situations. Due to their intelligence, loyalty, and general strength, they also make an excellent guard dog. German Shepherds also serve as police dogs and guide dogs.They can develop into adults with a level mind, who are not readily distracted by their environment and who work well with their owner. As pups, they enjoy chewing, and so require dog toys that allow them to do so – otherwise, your shoes may bear the brunt of their chewing.

While these dogs are typically docile, they can turn aggressive if they or their family are threatened. They have a powerful biting force of 238 pounds per square inch. Their bite is powerful enough to break any bone in a human body or to face any other animal that poses a threat.


Great Dane - Bite Force – 238 PSI

With its intimidating stature, the Gental Giant Great Dane, often known as the "Apollo of Dogs," will undoubtedly frighten you. This dog is capable of occupying your sofa, bed, and even the back seat of your automobile. This beautiful and well-muscled canine, on the other hand, has a heart as large as he is!

Great Danes are highly sensitive animals. Their calm, kind, and loving demeanor is in stark contrast to their colossal stature. When these canines are in contact with their family members, they can thrive


Doberman - Bite Force – 245 PSI

Doberman Pinschers are a medium to large-sized dog that is quite popular as a home pet. This breed originated in the late nineteenth century, when a German tax collector named "Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann" created it. By nature, Doberman dog breeds are extremely clever, vigilant, and powerful. This very loyal breed will always remain by their owner's side regardless of the circumstances, and as a result, has become a popular choice for owners searching for a dog to guard their house and family. Dobermans are extremely adaptable and, when properly trained, are kind with both small children and adults. They are built very muscularly and have an athletic physique, which provides them an advantage on defense. While the majority of Dobermans have tails, a substantial proportion have knobs or are otherwise deficient in the tail department.

These canines are exceptionally powerful, as seen by their physique and intellect. Their mouth is a bone-breaker, which is why they are also utilized as security dogs by a variety of different police agencies. A Doberman's biting force is around 245 psi.

 American Bulldog - Bite Force – 305 PSI


American Bull Dogs are a large, powerful canine breed. They are typically well-built, muscular, and have a big head with powerful neck muscles. These dogs are excellent family companions and readily adjust to daily life in your house. They are protective of their owners and will establish deep relationships with everyone they come into touch with on a daily basis. While this breed is a cuddler, they are quite robust and self-assured. One thing to keep an eye out for is their response to strangers. While this breed may be quite affectionate at home, it is frequently distrustful of strangers. This, of course, may be overcome throughout their puppyhood via regular social engagement. Additionally, be aware that this breed can become destructive if not provided with adequate playing and exercise on a regular basis.


When necessary, this breed possesses considerable strength and will not hesitate to face any enemies. Their build, along with the breed's agility, gives them a force to be reckoned with against any intruders who attempt to enter your house. They are formidable not just in size, but also in terms of jaw strength. American Bull Dogs bite with a biting force of 305 pounds per square inch (Pounds per square inch)


Siberian Husky - Bite Force – 320 PSI

Huskies make wonderful pets! They will always be a sled dog at heart, therefore you must give them a large playground and activities that burn off excess energy. Otherwise, they will run wild around your house or create a communal collapse with their loud wailing.

Apart from occasionally being too playful, there is nothing negative to say about this breed. However, keep in mind that these friendly, happy-go-lucky canines possess an incredible biting force of 320 PSI. Thus, it's rather a relief that they acquired just the lupine face characteristics, not their disposition, from their wild and frightening forebears.


Rottweiler - Bite Force – 328 PSI

Rottweilers are an extremely tough breed of dog. Originally, they were bred to assist with tasks such as cart pulling and property guarding. They were one of the first dog breeds to be officially accepted by the police, and they continue to assist the department to this day. They are medium-sized, having a strong physique and incredible strength. They are extremely nimble and possess a high amount of endurance, which allows them to survive. They are also often utilized by the police and military in a variety of different search and rescue tasks. This breed possesses an exceptional balance of strength, intelligence, and endurance. Rottweilers are regarded as brave, good-natured companions capable of outperforming nearly any breed in terms of temperament. Additionally, this breed is extremely vigilant and can switch into defensive mode in a matter of seconds when confronted with danger. Due to their confidence and powerful build, this dog is used in police operations. A Rottweiler's bite forces are 328 pounds per square inch on average. That is more than double the weight of the breed of this dog.

What about a Timber Wolf Bite?

Wolves have strong jaws, with a biting pressure of 400-1,200lbs/square inch. The massive molars and powerful jaws of a wolf are used to crush the bones of its prey. The strength of a wolf's jaws makes it possible to bite through a moose femur in six to eight bites.


In summary, about dogs with the strongest bite.

There are several breeds of dogs that can be regarded as having the strongest bite. While these dogs may be deadly, it's worth noting that every animal on the earth has the capacity to cause you damage in some manner. It is usually recommended that you educate yourself and conduct extensive study on any animals you choose to own in order to fully grasp their ins and outs. The more control you have over your dog, the more effectively you two can communicate in a healthy and pleasant manner. Hopefully, this post helps you learn which canines in the world have the most psi potential. Bear in mind that this is a satirical essay and that all dogs are environment and dependent on proper training.




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